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about Application Modernisation

Rejuvenate your existing legacy apps

We modernize legacy applications. We’ll transform your existing apps into high-performing, scalable, collaborative, secure, and reliable ones with almost zero downtime by augmenting and migrating them to the desired cloud platform. By leveraging the latest cloud technology and automation capabilities, we ensure that your applications are prepared for the future of your business.

Monolith to Microservices

Migrate from a monolithic application with a single unified codebase to microservices with their databases. This approach allows for more flexibility and scalability, as each service can be independently managed and deployed. Additionally, it reduces the complexity of the overall system, as it is easier to build and maintain a system composed of smaller, simpler components.

Asynchronous Processing to Support Scale

Asynchronous processing helps the user make requests and continue with their work, without having to wait for a response from the server before proceeding. This makes for a more efficient workflow and improves user experience.

Security, Stability, and Resilience

Security, stability, and resilient applications are essential in application modernization. An application’s architecture should be designed with authentication and authorization protocols, optimized performance, and redundancy built in to help prevent any unauthorized access and disruptions. 

Stack Modernisation

Evaluate and upgrade existing components of the technology stack used in an application or replace them with modern alternatives to improve functionality, user experience, and performance resulting in improved application performance, scalability, reduced maintenance, and operational costs.

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